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B & Sea low waste DIY recipes

one of the most fun parts about my sustainable journey, has been experimenting with some eco-alternatives for every day products. so I wanted to share some easy Make Your Own recipes! follow us on instagram to keep up to date!

find the links to our IGTV here a try them yourself

B & and Sea Oat Milk Vegan Recipe
B and & Sea Lavender Body Scrub Vegan Recipe
B & and Sea Coconut Oil Makeup Remover Recipe

oat milk


never buy milk in a plastic bottle again

lavender sugar scrub


indulge yourself or as a homemade gift

make-up remover


gentle on your skin and the earth


how to clean reusable makeup pads
DIY natural laundry detergent

caring for your makeup pads


10 second beauty hack that cleans your reusable makeup pads instantly

natural laundry detergent


all natural, super cleaning detergent with no nasty chemicals

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