our sustainable self care kit is a combination of our favourite products at a discounted rate.


Whats in the kit:

  • bamboo makeup remover set (inc bamboo holder, x10 pads, 1 washbag)
  • eco tangle teaser hairbrush
  • x100 bamboo cotton buds
  • x1 bamboo toothbrush


if you're looking for a great self care kit for you that also cares for the planet....you just found it!


this also makes a great eco friendly present for your fellow sustainability pals!


why choose bamboo:

bamboo is an incredibly eco-friendly source. n fact if plants were superhero's they would want to be bamboo. it's the fastest growing woody plant.....in the world!!! it can grow up to 4 feet in one day & is fully grown in about 4 years. crazy right. it doesn't need pasticides and other nasties to grow either. what's even more awesome is that bamboo not only absorbs 5 TIMES MORE carbon dioxide and produces 35 TIMES MORE oxygen than other similar plants!


all our products are shipped plastic free, in recycled packaging.

self care sustainability kit

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