isn't it strange that fruit & veg has it's own protective skin, then humans decide to give it another "protective" layer of plastic?


buying fresh produce is key to a healthy balanced diet, and buying plastic free products not only helps protect the environment and reduce your waste, but it also usually works out cheaper and  typically an indicator the products are produced locally (check the fruit and veggie stickers to double check!)


our veggie bags are a great addition to your shopping habits! whether you are at the local farmers market, or in your local supermarket, carrying fresh, unpackaged produce just became a whole lot easier.


our cotton bags come in a pack of 3 and can be used and reused, washed and rewashed as needed without losing their quality.


all 3 in the pack are 33cm x 29cm so they are big enough to carry butternut squash, bananas or brocolli's! or fill them with lots of smaller loose produce!

reusable vegetable bags: 3 pack

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