have you ever considered how many throw-aways you create from all those skin cleansing cotton pads or makeup wipes? 


with our new reusable skin cleansing kit, you won't need to worry about running out of either and reduce the trash created from cleaning your skin!


each one of our bamboo holders is unique, with unique raw patterns and grains.


the kit comes with:

  • 1 x bamboo holder with a slot in the front for ease of removing the pads
  • 1x logo lid 
  • 14 x  organic cotton and bamboo terry, double sided reusable pads
  • 1 x cotton mesh wash bag for the pads


check out our IGTV for a zero-waste DIY makeup remover recipe too!


why choose bamboo

bamboo is an incredibly eco-friendly source. n fact if plants were superhero's they would want to be bamboo. it's the fastest growing woody plant.....in the world!!! it can grow up to 4 feet in one day & is fully grown in about 4 years. crazy right. it doesn't need pasticides and other nasties to grow either. what's even more awesome is that bamboo not only absorbs 5 TIMES MORE carbon dioxide and produces 35 TIMES MORE oxygen than other similar plants!


why choose organic cotton

normal cotton is grown in the same soil over and over again, degrading the quality of the soil and removing the nutrients which leads to unhealthy plants. to add to that, because cotton is in such a high demand, typically it's grown with pesticides, bleaches and other nasties. not great for the cotton. not great for the air we breathe and the planet we live on.


organic cotton has no nasties, which means not only are the fibres a better quality, it's also nicer to your skin and nicer to the planet. sure it might be a couple of dollars extra, but the quality means it lasts longer and your supporting a greener outcome. go on. up your eco.

cleanse my pores: bamboo kit

  • Care instructions

    our reusable cotton pads are easy as! 

    start by washing your face with warm soapy water to remove excess makeup, then use our reusable cotton pads with a facial cleanser to wipe away left over dirt and clean your pores!

    when you're done, rinse under cold water and throw it into your washbag. either wash by hand in warm water or in the washing machine.