we love, love, love Raw Nature's deodrants! if you have been looking for an all natural ingredient, long-lasting deodorant paste in a solid stick, wrapped up in an environmental-friendly cardboard tube, you have found it! each deodorant contains 100% all-natural origin ingredients that you can understand and pronounce. they are not antiperspirants, so they won’t clog your pores in your armpits: 	no aluminium	no sulfates	no phthalates	no parabens	no need to touch the product with your fingers to apply	cruelty free - never tested on animals stay naturally fresh and odour-free all day with guilt-free confidence. the scents:	get lucky - fresh spring flowers, Jasmine-inspired ylang ylang, complemented by grapefruit, which adds a freshness to the sweet floral scent	dessert island - sweet coconut and lime with a hint of vanilla - very tropical!		fresh freak - super-minty fresh - long-lasting cooling effect in the armpits, great for those who work out or are heavy sweaters. if you have sensitive skin, you may want to avoid this one		so vanilla -  need we say more about the scent of this one.....this deodorant is for sensitive skin.  if you are a heavy sweater this one probably won't have enough staying power			nature nerd - citrus and spicy-floral scent is bright and soft at the same time. a natural unisex deodorant stick that helps you stay fresh naturally all day

Raw Nature: get lucky natural deodorant