119,000km - enough to go around the world 3 times. thats how much plastic wrap New Zealanders use a year. we're not the biggest of countries either are we. so imagine the scale of all the countries combined!!


thankfully there are some geniouses out there with  reusable alternatives! we're proud to stock KIWI WRAPS. these gorgeous beeswax wraps come in a selection of designs and sizes. so whether your wrapping your lunch for work, or making a pocket to carry you nibbles in, these are the perfect replacement to make your food look funky.


not only do these babies help the planet by reducing waste, single use plastic, landfill overflow & any plastic nasties touching your food....but they also cost the same as what the average person would spend on plastic film for the year anyway. nifty.


how to use

beeswax wraps are mouldable wraps. use the heat from your hands to shape over containers or wrap around food. wash with COLD water and a soap. beeswax wraps melt in heat so avoid dishwashers, microwaves and ovens!  


do not use to store raw meat - stick that in a container instead :)


small wraps are perfect for snack sized items and making pouches for nibbles

medium wraps are perfect for sandwiches and covering lunchbox size containers

large wraps will cover a large sub or go over a dinnerplate so you can keep your leftovers fresh!

pack of 3 beeswax wraps

SKU: 0007