need a little coffee pick me up to start your day? how about waking your skin and senses up with the coffee scrub soap made from all natural ingredients?!


you may have used bar soaps before and found your skin feeling dry after certainly won't get that from an Oh Goodness soap. expect your skin to feel nourished from the creamy lather and nutrients the soap is made from!


all Oh Goodness soaps are:

  •  vegan 
  • palm oil free
  • free from artificial and synthetic detergents, colours and fragrances


each 120g bar contains saponified oils of: Olive, Coconut*, Sunflower, Shea Butter, cocoa butter, Castor, Essential oils, kaolin clay, indigo powder, butterfly pea flowers.


keep in a soap bag to keep dry between uses, or to put the soap in whilst you wash yourself for an extra lather!

Oh Goodness: coffee scrub soap