every day our tangles need teasing, but finding a good eco-tangle teaser can be tough. you might be a full hairbrush fanatic intead, but for me this was THE HARDEST plastic item to give up....finding an eco alternative that would keep keep my medusa-like locks under control whilst travelling was an almost impossible feat. so we made our own. 


made from sustainably sourced bamboo and natural rubber, small enough to fit in your bag, tough enough to tease those tangles, kinder on your hair, kinder to the planet. 


tease the lengths of the hair first, before moving to mid lengths, then roots. easy to use on wet, dry, straight or curly hair.


why choose bamboo

bamboo is an incredibly eco-friendly source. in fact if plants were superheroes they would want to be bamboo. it's the fastest growing woody plant.....in the world!!! it can grow up to 4 feet in one day & is fully grown in about 4 years. crazy right. it doesn't need pasticides and other nasties to grow either. what's even more awesome is that bamboo not only absorbs 5 TIMES MORE carbon dioxide and produces 35 TIMES MORE oxygen than other similar plants!


can you imagine if the demand for bamboo and the demand to plant more trees that help the environment, was as high as the demand for plastic?!! go on. up your eco.

tease my tangles: bamboo hairbrush

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