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the best TED talks on plastic pollution and zero waste

feeling inspired is really one of the best feelings in the world isn't it. no matter what you felt before that moment of inspiration, you suddenly have a more energetic mind, body and soul. plans start formulating in your head and new goals are set. in the war against plastic pollution and trying to strip back your life to be low-zero waste, sometimes it can feel overwhelming. so we have curated some of our fave TED talks and doco's to give you that inspired "anything is possible" feeling.

all the below are equally inspiring! so in no particular order:

the surprising solution to ocean plastic - David Katz

a drop in the plastic ocean: how one person can make a difference - Emily De Souza

how to live a plastic free life - Alexis McGivern

zero waste is not recycling more, but less - Bea Johnson

why plastic pollution is personal - Natalie Fee

going green: tips for a zero waste lifestyle - Haley Higdon

why I live a zero waste life - Lauren Singer

plastic oceans: a true global emergency - Craig Leeson

you should also absolutely check out the full documentary of Plastic Oceans!

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