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is plastic bad if it can be recycled?

yes. when plastics are recycled, their polymer chain gets shorter which reduces the quality. each plastic item can be recycled approx 2-3 times before the quality has downgraded enough it is no longer useful. and it end up in landfill. or oceans.

that's not the only reason recyclable plastic is bad...can you honestly say, you've appropriately recycled EVERY piece of recyclable plastic you've ever purchased? And did you know that commercially, countries don't even recycle EVERY item that can be recycled? just because it can be recycled, doesn't mean it's always happening.

organic products (made from earths own goodness such as wood products) will biodegrade and decompose regardless in a much shorter time than the 1000 years it takes plastic. and items such as stainless steel can be recycled over and over and over and over without losing quality meaning they are an incredible alternative for items such as water bottles.

remember the next time you purchase something plastic....ask yourself...."is there an eco-alternative?"

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